YALÇIN BORU JEOTERMAL was established in 1997, on a total area of 23,000 m² with 7,200 m² indoor area, with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the industry at the utmost level.


Taking place within the body of DOĞAN JEOTERMAL operating as the leading corporation in Geothermal Energy industry, YALÇIN BORU JEOTERMAL has been carrying out the manufacturing of Standard Type Pre-insulated Pipe (Geothermal Pipe) and fittings, Industrial Type (rock wool reinforced), Insulated Pipe and fittings, Pre-insulated Flexible Plastic Pipes (PP-R, Glass Fibre Reinforced PP-R, HDPE) and fittings, and Polyethylene Pipe (PE 100) and fittings for a period of more than 24 years.

Started its manufacturing activities in 1997 in Ankara İvedik Organised Industrial Zone and started continuing its activities in Polatlı Organised Industrial Zone on an area of 23,000 m² in 2000, Yalçın Boru operates by using the technology that is the requirement of the era at the utmost levels in accordance with the manufacturing standards EN 253, EN 448, EN 15632 and EN 12201-2 with its expert staff in their fields.

In addition, as a TSE-certified organisation, rendering service in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, Yalçın Boru adopts the concept of high quality production and service and accordingly avoids compromising from customer satisfaction.

Yalçın Boru provides services mainly in geothermal energy and in many sectors such as district heating and cooling, energy generation, construction, greenhouse cultivation, tourism and maritime, by prioritising the principles of quality and customer satisfaction, and takes part in many important domestic and international projects.

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