Benefits of Geothermal (Pre-Insulated - Heat Insulated) Pipes

When the benefits of geothermal pipes are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental awareness and long-lasting use. Thermal insulated pipes are like clothes that protect you from the cold in winter and the heat in summer. Regardless of the temperature of the fluid carried through pre-insulated pipes, heat loss is kept to a minimum and maximum comfort is provided.

The usage areas of thermally insulated pipes are very wide. The numerous benefits of geothermal pipes, which have many application areas such as industrial facilities, housing, maritime and agricultural areas, and of course their contribution to the economy are undeniable.


What are the Benefits of Geothermal - Pre-Insulated Pipes?

Pre-insulated - Geothermal pipes offer effective insulation compared to traditional pipes. It provides many benefits thanks to this insulation feature. We can list the benefits of geothermal pipes as follows:


The most important advantage of geothermal pipes is that they provide energy savings by cutting off the heat exchange of the transported fluid from the outside. Heat losses are minimized, especially in heating or cooling systems. In this way, energy costs decrease and carbon emissions used in energy production are reduced. In the long run, operating expenses decrease and it also contributes to the country's economy.

Ease of Application and Time Saving:

Since pre-insulated pipes are ready for installation, application is very easy and fast. Thanks to the joining set, pipe assembly is done quickly and this means saving time. In traditional pipes, the insulation applied at the time of application causes serious time losses and does not provide full performance.


Geothermal pipes are very resistant to external factors thanks to the protective casing pipe. Thanks to its superior shock absorption and less thermal expansion, it can be used safely for many years.

Being Environmentally Friendly:

It is environmentally friendly as the energy used in heating and cooling is reduced when heat losses are minimized. As a result of the reduction in energy use, the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere also decreases. In this way, environmental pollution decreases and carbon footprint decreases.

Corrosion Risk is Low:

Compared to classical pipes, geothermal pipes have a higher protection ability against external factors and corrosion.


It should not be forgotten that the benefits of geothermal pipes mentioned above can only be achieved when quality insulation materials are used. Yalçın Boru has been a leader in geothermal pipe production since 1997. The reason behind this success is that high quality pipes and insulation materials are always preferred. For quality standards, please click on the relevant link. Get these benefits by choosing geothermal pipes suitable for your projects.

The Importance of Correctly Selection of Geothermal Pipes

In order to obtain the benefits offered by geothermal pipes, it is very important to use pipes suitable for the project. Pre-insulated pipes are produced by Yalçın Boru for various usage areas. These pipes consist of the main service pipe, insulation material and protective sheath pipe. Some examples of geothermal pipe types according to the characteristics of the main service pipe are as follows: Geothermal Steel Pipes, Rockwool Reinforced Pre-Insulated Seamless Drawn Steel Pipes, Pre-Insulated Galvanized Steel Pipes, Geothermal Plastic Pipes, Pre-Insulated GRE and GRP Pipes.

You can contact us to get detailed information about choosing pre-insulated pipes suitable for your projects.

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